Field Management Software for utilities and smart grid

Cater to demanding needs of the energy and utilities industry with our services

We are industry leaders striving to cater to the demanding needs of your energy and utility industry with our robust Field Management Software for utilities and smart grid.

Advances in Technology for smarter grid management

Electricity has been one of the robust needs for centuries and therefore it becomes vital for the field workers to handle everything accurately and smartly. With our field management software solutions for smart grid management, we allow you to seamlessly get access to work management tools, data, which leads to a higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Features of our Field Management Services for utilities and smart grid

1. Easy job schedule and Tracking

We offer you a simplified way of scheduling the job and keep track of the workers including aspects like dispatch workers, optimizing geographical locations and track the work progress.

2. Predictive Maintenance

We offer smart tools and technologies including AI that can respond to all emergencies within no time. We allow you to cut down the equipment downtime with efficient status monitoring and addressing all the needs.

3. Smart Grid Integrations and IOT

With IoT integration, we can monitor all the alterations in your equipment for prompt dispatching of engineers and fix the issues. You can proactively deploy your resources without wasting any time.

4. Work Order Management

Track your field teams in real-time, so that any ad-hoc job can be efficiently assigned based on your team’s distance from the customer.
With this integrated feature you can track your field team in real-time and eliminate hassle based on your team distance and the customer who is availing the services.

5. Location Management

With the location management, you can track the location of your workers and check for orders in real-time for optimized central management. Customers can also stay updated with the live location of the workers or technicians.

6. Quotation on Demand

We offer you a customized pricing model based on the demands of the customers. You can check and avail services based on these pricing with your expected markup for a hassle-free quotation.

Why choose us for efficient Grid and Utility Management?

Our smart grid and utility solutions harness the power of modern technology and expertise that ultimately is the key for the enhanced business and growth. Make your electric grid secure and productive by empowering our solutions that address the modern needs and overcome all the challenges you may face. With our intuitive features and functionalities, you can leverage the benefits of error-free operations, enhance network efficiency and cut down costs.

Deploy ZOOM Field Force Management Software to avail such benefits.

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