Affordable Medical Equipment Maintenance Software

Efficiently manage your medical equipment and ensure regulatory compliance is achieved!

With our affordable medical equipment and maintenance software, we help you offer quality services to the patients while ensuring minimum interruptions. From compliance to risk management and patient data, we offer future ready software focused on operational processes and maintenance.

A cost-effective and secure management solution that improvise to your needs!

We are a leading service provider for the medical equipment maintenance solutions helping boost your profits with a valuable investment. Our quality services assist you with technical advisories, ensure hassle free management of equipment, devices and maintenance on a go, record the conditions and notifies you regrading the hazard alerts and safety tests. So, if you are looking for medical devices and maintenance software, we are here to deliver incredible results for you.

Key Features that help maximize your efficiency and growth

1. Job Scheduling

It is obviously quite a burden to juggle through the paperwork and other admin related work for the field manager, therefore with the job scheduling you can automate the process and schedule as per your time.

2. Medical Maintenance Scheduling

With this feature the notifications are immediately sent to the technicians or workers and appointment is scheduled as per their availability in the calendar.

3. Route & Location Tracking

With an intuitive tracking feature, the experts can seamlessly track and get the right location and navigation and reach on time.

4. Security and Personalization

Security is the top-notch concern for both the users and admins, so we keep an audit trail of all the interactions and trails during the entire lifecycle.

5. Service Dashboards

The feature allows you to instantly check for the work you have assigned to workers, costing, work behind the scheduling, time-frame for the resolution and allows you to customize features accordingly.

6. Asset / Equipment Tracking

You can effortlessly track the equipment and assets that are needed in the medical facilities that includes the photos, manual, information of the warranty and other crucial things.

Choosing us as your partner for your medical equipment and maintenance partner

1. We focus on agile approach

We aim to follow the best practices and deliver solutions throughout the equipment software maintenance services in shorter sprints. With an agile approach we respond to the enhancement and unpredictability with a secure process.

2. We have an expertise team

Our customers are always on the top, because we ensure to deliver them the best solutions as per the industry standards. Leverage a comprehensive solution with top-notch features and functionalities.

3. Continuous Integration

We ensure to deliver reliable code changes to deliver enhancement to your feature rich and robust solutions.

4. Future thinking capability

We are the future thinkers and aim to offer solutions for you that are highly stable and secure for the future needs. We keep all the performance metrics in mind!

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