Why Field Force Management is Necessary for Businesses?

Sales team is an integral part of any business venture. This aspect of business must be managed properly for effective sales conversions. Since businesses are reserving their place online, the demand for field force management software is now more than ever. This is where Zoom Field Force Management Software’s role falls into the scene. Our software is a comprehensive solution that maintains a complete transparent structure for the field workforce within big organizations. Authentic attendance maintenance, task updates, effective customer relations, and real-time employee tracking are some of the exclusive offerings of our highly useful software.

What ZOOM Field Service Offering

We offer effective field employee management solutions that intelligently conquer every possible hurdle along the way. Managers can take control of their task force digitally without being present on the ground physically.

Work Force/Order Management

Effectual workforce management is quite helpful for the manager/ supervisors to manage the employees in a better manner. From assigning the tasks to checking on the employees on work and from acknowledging the efforts the workers to keep a check on task deadlines, everything is possible under work order management feature of Zoom Force Field Software.

Inventory Management

In the service-based companies, the technicians often go to different places for repairs. This is when the major need of workforce management is there. Zoom Field Force Software also provides proper inventory management that safeguards the equipment, tools, and other installations that workers take along for work. There is a real-time record maintenance of parts used by the technicians. This record also facilitates to understand the shelf-life of the equipment and will make you certain when to re-order.

Digital Data

Having all the employee and client information is crucial to any business venture. Zoom Field Force Management is software designed to store the data on secure cloud servers. This data is feasibly accessible whenever the owner asks and there is no chance of it getting lost. This single dashboard system is quite comprehensive yet organized. Field operations can be set up with numerous facilitating options like- workforce clustering and inventory forecasting.

Monitoring App

In this mobile-preferred world, surviving without a Field Force Monitoring App is difficult. This aptly designed app offers performance analysis to keep the track of employee efficiency. There is location tracking, attendance recording, expense management, leave management, and so on. It has all the important features that make your life easier as a business owner.

Attendance Management Tool

Employees mark their attendance remotely on the app. The working hours of the employees are calculated automatically. Integrate the payroll system via API. The on-site and off-site working hours also get reported with geo-tags.

Employee Travel Report

Field employees are nomads. They hop from one client site to another to get work done. Our field employee monitoring software provides accurate travel distance reports. The playback option enables you to monitor the movement of your employees.

How Can We Facilitate You?

It fetches accurate insights into the team and individual performances. Managers can analyses employees’ performance over time, and discover the best and the worst performing players. It helps improve the overall efficiency of the company.

No code required - Avail the benefits of our full-fledged and complicated field force management software without running any code.

Complete support - Our features are available offline as well. So, you don’t have to fret whenever there is no internet. Your employee productivity tracking will continue in the offline mode.

Quick Updates - This single dashboard system is organized in a way to never miss any updates. All the standard notifications and alerts are provided and exclusive access to highlighted insights is also given.

Overall Business Success - Effective employee and task management done with automation allows the managers to organize their teams efficiently. This organization of workflow allows the business to reach new heights and also leads to customer satisfaction.

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Frequently asked questions

field force management is a workforce management aspect that allows the business to monitor all the employees working out of company property. Both on-site and off-site aspects are covered, such as field sales, scheduling and assigning tasks, inventory control, leave management system, etc. The basic idea behind this management is to perform all the tasks that can be performed with automation.
Yes, field force management manages the sales team all at once. All the data related to the activities performed by the salespeople of the company is monitored and recorded. Sales management functions are an important aspect of any business and ought to be automated.
Executives get access to the mobile app wherein they can see how things work in the company. Whereas the managers have the access to the web portal wherein they get real-time updates on their team and can manage them more effectively. So, yes, there are separate panels for both parties.
Getting only work-related updates and data is the core aim of Zoom field Force Management Software. So, our tracking system does not intrude on the private space of our employees.
Special consideration is given to smartphones in this mobile-drive world. Therefore, our field force management system is compatible with all kinds of mobile phones.
This feature can be customized as per the choice of the company owner. Our idea is to provide the features as requested.
Our field force system is designed to help with the tracking within different industries as well as job profiles. Sales executive's tracking is definitely included as this is one of the most popular field jobs that need constant monitoring for sure.

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