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Pharma requires a strong workforce management and we offer a robust Field Management Software for Pharma Marketing Team that streamline operations for your large or multi-location pharma businesses.

We offer Software that meets the ever-changing digital dynamic landscape

We are a well well-known name in offering software solutions for the businesses and pharma is one of them. We believe that the right software solution with the intuitive features can help better in pharma marketing than standalone or manual solutions. With our pharma software solutions, you can undoubtedly consolidate your procedure on ground level. Let us to serve you with better stage and improved utilities leading towards business growth for now and forever.

Survey software is used to obtain input from a specific sample using several computer-assisted approaches. The primary objective of survey software solutions is to facilitate the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys. Typically, they do this online using drag-and-drop tools and automated capabilities. Survey software solutions accelerate, improve, and simplify the process compared to manual surveys.

It is applicable in several contexts, including consumer feedback, employee satisfaction, post-event analysis, market research, and academic program evaluation. Field management for Digital Field Survey software for agency helps you ask the correct questions, communicate with your audience, evaluate replies, and apply what you discover.

  • Strategic marketing/sales planning and execution
  • Enhanced Engagement with potential and existing customers
  • Cost reduction and company expense tracking optimization

Intuitive Pharma software features and Enhance productivity

1. Billing & Sales

Eases billing & sales with real-time data visibility on sales/purchases, payment alternatives, and mobile app integration.

2. Purchase Management

Easily tailor assistance for your clients with the purchase management module, and eliminating errors. Also, you can schedule appointments, manage the calls, schedule attendance, and manage the entire visit.

3. Report Generation Efficiently

Save your time from the manual reporting hassle and generate automated reports with us. We offer the entire information on the dashboard and graphs that makes it easier for you to keep a track of everything.

4. Time Calculation Effectively

The feature takes cares of the appointment scheduling and maintains a seamless work flow of the operations. The slots are assigned and are handled for a efficient workflow
Measure and improve productivity: The app should be able to analyse the available data and hence measure your productivity. There should be features for instant addressing of any issues and complaints.

5. Integrated Maps

We ensure integration of proper maps that offers an accurate direction is included in the software so that there are no delays and iterations on any appointment.

6. Manages inventory

Inventory takes on particular importance when it comes to pharmaceutical business. Not only do patients need the right medicine and dosage, but they also depend on having a steady supply and stock that’s within date. With this feature, you can master your inventory and seamlessly manage it.

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We offer you pharma marketing software that empowers your business and grow efficiently with 100% accurate and reliable solution. Integrating this software for your pharma business offer digital solutions for every business operation. Whether it is your inventory management, pharma billing, data and information storage, we deliver instantaneously across your business while giving you real-time overview that allows you to make managed business decisions.

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